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You deserve high-quality jewelry, filled with soul and intention, that will be cherished for decades to come — and creating those pieces is one of my greatest joys!

I gather the inspiration for all my work from my daily time spent in Nature — whether that’s long walks through the forest at the golden hour, splashing in the river with my wonderful dog Ursa, or tending to my lush backyard garden. I let the natural world recharge my creativity, and speak through me in every piece I make. 

I’m often described as kind, contemplative, and sensitive. I love long days spent canoeing (fun fact: I used to be a river guide!), dinner with friends and family, and challenging myself creatively. I find inspiration in gorgeous stones, watching the clouds move, and good conversation. 




My love affair with jewelry began when I was very young: playing dress-up with my mom’s and grandmother’s jewelry, and pretending I wore magical talismans as I wandered through the woods. (I guess not much has changed!)

I’ve always been creative — I also love photography, sculpting clay, and knitting — but my journey toward becoming a professional metalsmith began 20 years ago, when I took a jewelry-making class. It remained just a hobby for a long time: creating the odd commission piece, and simply doing it for fun.

One year, though, I found myself in between jobs in Moab, Utah, and a friend suggested I set up a booth next to hers at the farmers market. That one decision on a hot summer evening was pivotal: my business was born.

While technically untrained, I’ve worked with wonderful teachers and mentors, and I’m always pushing myself to learn more.



These days, I create from my home studio in the Saco River Valley of the White Mountains of New Hampshire — the place I was raised, and felt called back to after years of wandering around the continental U.S.


If you have any questions at all about my work or process, please feel free to reach out! It would be lovely to connect with you.


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